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We understand that an unplanned pregnancy can be overwhelming and scary.  Whether you need a pregnancy test or you have already confirmed your pregnancy and need someone to talk to about your options, we are here to help.  After completing this form someone from our offices will contact you to discuss your needs.

This Pregnancy Care Center (PCC) is a non-profit organization. We are staffed by volunteers, who have received training in crisis counseling, but they do not have degrees in counseling nor are they licensed by the state. The counseling provided is not intended as a substitute for professional counseling. We offer information, peer counseling and practical help. All information is kept confidential. All information shared is kept confidential within the PCC and will not be discussed or released outside the center without your expressed consent (except in a situation where there is a concern for your safety and/or state law, as it pertains to a client who is suicidal, homicidal, situations of abuse, or a victim of statutory rape). I agree to the terms of contact. Please contact me at your earliest convenience.
Your privacy is important to us. Please let us know if we may leave a message for you.