The Care Net SoMD Promise

Written by Care Net SoMD Leonardtown Director, Kim Hagan

It’s been almost a month since our world was flipped upside down.  As 2020 began, we couldn’t have even imagined we would be in the position we are in today with the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Just a few weeks ago Governor Hogan announced that schools would be closed, restaurants, gyms and salons would be shut down.  Nothing has been the same since. We don’t know how long this new normal will last.  Kids are home from school, a majority of the population is figuring out this teleworking thing, and many employers have had to make significant job cuts. You can no longer go sit down in your favorite restaurant to order a chicken sandwich and a coke.  The library is closed, so scratch that off your list for today.  Texting your friends to see if they want to come over for coffee has gone by the wayside.  Meeting friends for a play-date at the local park is prohibited.  Our days are now filled with homeschooling (wait, I never signed up to be a teacher) and trying to stock up on necessities that are hard to come by (is toilet paper ever going to be restocked?) and through it all it feels…..lonely.  But I’m here to bring you good news.  It doesn’t have to be!

While the world is practicing social distancing, at Care Net Pregnancy Center of Southern Maryland we are still committed to providing the same free and confidential support we have been providing to our community for the past 29 years! We are here for you through all of these uncertainties.  While our Prince Frederick and Leonardtown Centers are temporarily closed, our Lexington Park Center is OPEN, we are still accepting a limited number of sonogram appointments and we are still offering essential baby supplies.  (Please be sure to check our website and Facebook pages for the latest up-to-date info on center hours).  While we have can not currently offer face-to-face peer counseling and parenting classes, we are STILL here for support, a friendly face and listening ear- it just may look a little bit different than you’re used to, that’s all! 

We are committed to building relationships with our clients, especially now more than ever.  Social distancing doesn’t mean we cannot connect with you.  We have launched a virtual support team who will be set up with ways to connect with YOU through video conferencing.  We are still here if you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and would like to talk to someone about your options.  We are still conducting our Bright Course parenting classes for those interested in being the best parent possible.  Everything can be done in the comfort of your own home so you don’t have to leave the house.  It’s as simple as filling out our virtual support request form or texting us as (301) 737-4604.  Our staff will get back to you as soon as possible to arrange a time to video chat.  This is our promise to YOU! 

Let me assure you that while the world seems quiet, lonely and uncertain there is one constant in all of this and that is our heavenly Father.  He is the only constant in our life right now.  Things are changing day by day and sometimes hour by hour in our world.  This reminds me of one of my all time favorite Bible verses from Psalms 61:2:

“When my heart is overwhelmed, it leads me to the rock that is higher than I.

Our Lord is stronger, mightier, and bigger than this whole COVID-19 pandemic.  He has already got everything figured out, so do not fear but trust in Him.

 So dear friend, are you feeling overwhelmed right now?  Are you a mama that is stressed out to have the kids at home full time? Are you worried about losing your job? Are you struggling to find diapers or formula to provide for your children? Do you miss the interaction with your social circle?  Yes, so do we.  BUT we are here together!  Let us help!

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