We Have a Class for That!

It’s 2020! Whether your goal for the new year is to be a better parent or create and stick to a family budget Care Net SoMD has a class for that!

Did you know that our parenting classes  are geared toward both newly expecting parents AND those who already have children? We have classes for single moms, single dads, couples, or anyone raising a child.  Our class list is composed of about 200 different lessons  which are divided up into 7 major categories:


First Year



Life Skills

Special Circumstances

Positive Partnerships 

In the early stages of pregnancy we will walk you through your first trimester, what is safe in pregnancy and bonding with your unborn baby. Second trimester classes include the emotions of pregnancy, your ultrasound appointment and your changing body. Third trimester classes are taught on infant expectations, infant hygiene and Labor 101. 

Once your baby has arrived we will then teach you about how to care for that little one and yourself after childbirth.  Don’t know how to properly put in your car seat?  We have a class for that!  Want to learn about nutrition for you and baby? Come see us! Having a hard time getting your infant to sleep?  We’ve got some tricks to help you! Feeling like you have the baby blues or even postpartum depression?  We can help you look for the signs and signals and know when to ask for help. 

Toddler years are full of wonder and excitement but they can also be challenging.  Your precious one is now learning independence. We have an excellent set of lessons on behavior, foundations of discipline, toddler tantrums and even potty training.  Our milestone classes are some of our most popular lessons.  If you’re curious about typical behavior for a certain aged child – we have a class for that.

Some newer lessons that just were added to our list include creating kindness, honesty and confidence in your child.  We also offer advice on how to help those strong willed kids and how to monitor screen time. 

If you are interested in any of our life skills classes, those topics include Budgeting 101, Buying A Car, Your Financial Future and staying out of debt.  We also offer the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University program.

One of our goals at Care Net SoMD is to help equip you to be the best parent possible.  This doesn’t mean you won’t make mistakes (we all do) but you have a support system here and we will assist you to the best of our ability with certain issues you may be facing.  There are so many useful and interesting classes at Care Net SoMD, all you need to do is stop by one of our centers or give us a call to sign up.  Our classes are one on one and the best part about them is you earn parenting dollars to spend on brand new stuff in our boutique!  Bring in your significant other and we will give you bonus points!

Let us help you start the new year off right, call the center closest to you today to set up an appointment for your first class!

Kim Hagan is the Leonardtown Center Director. You can reach Kim by calling 301-475-5333.

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