New Leonardtown Center

Guess what I did this week?!! I took a walk (from a ground floor entrance!) through our -soon to be- new Leonardtown Center! I am continually blown away at how God moves.

stairsOne day when I was sitting at my desk, I heard the door buzzer go off and knew that we had a client coming in. After several minutes, I got up from my desk and went to the top of the stairs to see if anyone had actually come in since so much time had passed. About half way up the stairs I saw a pregnant mom struggling to get herself and her two year old little boy up the stairs. My heart just sank to my stomach as I hurried down to meet her and help by taking the hand of the little guy to walk them rest of the way up the staircase. The Leonardtown Center has been such a blessing to so many families in our community, but I couldn’t help but think…Lord.. could there be a better place for us? As time went by, our stairs became a bit of a joke and we found ourselves saying things like “feels like you just climbed Mt. Everest doesn’t it?!” or “Good news is.. you don’t have to go to the gym today after that climb!”. I even put a wall cling of a tree and butterflies flying up the staircase to brighten the journey up! But, as each week passed, I watched as clients and volunteers alike struggled up the stairs. I even watched our very own Executive Director, when she was pregnant, making the climb and our Nurse Manager, after she had her son, lugging an infant carrier up those stairs.

The climb was a burden that we were willing to bear – but then we started to grow! On one Thursday night we had five families stuffed into two small rooms and our small waiting room. We laughed as Client Advocates looked like they worked in a busy News Room. One went high while another went low to get through the halls to their clients.  Man, do I wish I had thought to video that circus routine of a night! God has been so faithful with providing this center and watching Him touch the families in our community has been a blessing. But, we were seeing that He was bringing even more people our way and He knew we were running out of space. We began to pray. God was already moving. Over the last month, we have experienced a whirlwind of God putting a move on our hearts, my husband seeing an empty space in the building behind us (that didn’t even have a for rent sign up yet!), A bit of research, A gracious landlord willing to transfer a lease and custom fit a new space, a wonderful supportive board that suggested an announcement at our banquet, so many generous donations and an executive director signing a new lease! Boom! We will be moving into our new center this month and open for service the first week of May!

Our new location has a bigger waiting room, three counseling spaces and a GROUND FLOOR ENTRANCE!! When God moves… buckle up baby! He will make your head spin! I know that He has big plans for loving on our community with this bigger and better center and I am both

humbled and honored to get to be a part of what He is doing. You never know, maybe He is calling you to be a part of this journey?! Buckle Up!

For more information about the new Leonardtown Center and our Open House flyer click here.

Amy Bigham Leonardtown Director


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