A God Thing…

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This is a copy of a post from June 9, 2017

A God Thing!

Amy Bigham is brand new to the staff at Care Net Pregnancy Center of Southern Maryland.  A long time volunteer – Amy was recently hired as the Leonardtown Center Director.  She wrote this post just a few days into the job…


A God Thing!

Hey all! I just had to take a minute to share a cool God moment we had at the Leonardtown Center the other day! We had a couple of ladies and two young men come in and the awesome Client Advocate’s were taking care of them while I was in the office working on figuring out which way is up (I think it’s to the left, but I could be wrong). The lady told them she had earned money to spend, but had never been to one of our centers before. I heard the confused Client Advocate saying, “let me let you talk to our Director.” Thinking to myself “yep, Jocelyn (the previous Leonardtown Director – now Director of the Lexington Park Center) would be the one to go to” and realizing… Oh…wait…Uh…I’m the director and then recovering from the mild myocardial infarction, I prayed and put a smile on as they opened the door. I immediately recognized the woman as one of the inmates I had the privilege of teaching parenting classes to at the Calvert County Detention Center! God showed up and showed off! She immediately relaxed and burst into tears. She said “I couldn’t hug you in jail, but can I here?” I told her that she came to the right place for hugs and for people that love her and want to come alongside her and her family. She had brought her 17 year-old pregnant niece and her young boyfriend and a friend of his. We were able to give the young lady a partial layette and some much needed maternity clothes, and the aunt was able to have the satisfaction of knowing that she had been able to help her family. God is Moving!! He is moving in our jail ministry in Calvert County and He is moving in our Centers! These ladies learned about Care Net through our jail ministry –  He has used that ministry to bring these hurting families to us to love.  The young teenage couple is planning on signing up for parenting classes and both of them thanked us for being so kind and not judging them. God’s divine appointments always blow me away.  I am already feeling beyond blessed to be a part of God’s ministry here and to work alongside each of you amazing ladies!

By His Grace Alone,

Amy Bigham Leonardtown Director


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